People love the 'Mini-Deck',
our portable revolving carpeted Ski and Snowboard Simulator!




Adventure Ski & Snowboard School has a 10' x 12' and a 5' x 8' revolving carpeted mini-deck portable slope simulator for skiing and snowboarding.



8' x 5' Simulator:
Size when folded up for shipping or transport: 39.37" wide x 49.21" high x 108.26" long.



8' x 5' Simulator:
Size when folded up for shipping or transport: 39.37" wide x 49.21" high x 108.26" long.
Weight: 1000 lb. (could be more or less depending on various options and accessories).

A great promotional Idea:

People love the 'Mini-Deck Slope Simulator', our portable revolving carpeted Ski and Snowboard Simulator!

A Great Idea for Parties, Television, Movie Premieres, Radio
Station and New Product Promos, Shopping Mall Events,
Expos and Trade Shows, County and Community Street
Fairs,.... YOU NAME IT!!

To see the skiing and snowboarding simulator in action,
click on the below links to watch our YouTube videos:

Our portable revolving snow turf "mini-deck slope simulator" will help to attract and entertain an active, affluent clientele to your special event. Adventure Ski & Snowboard School's experience and flexibility allows our veteran instructors to put special emphasis on your event. Our Demo Team has thrilled audiences of thousands at NBC San Diego's 2006 Winter Olympics Opening Night Ceremony Celebration in Little Italy, and from Disneyland to TV's "Hollywood Squares", numerous TV newscasts often "live" from a special event, on ESPN, Warren Miller Ski Film Premiers, radio station promos, at many shopping malls, & at San Diego SnowJam, Los Angeles SkiDazzle, and numerous other family, ski & snowboard shows.

ADVENTURE SKI & SNOWBOARD SCHOOL'S Mini-deck is a self-contained, portable slope simulator. Transportation, set-up and breakdown is hassle-free and included in the Simulator package. A high-quality public address system, including wireless microphone, is provided. ADVENTURE SKI & SNOBOARD SCHOOL maintains liability insurance. References and video available.

The Portable Ski & Snowboard Slope Simulator program consists of 1 or all of these:

1. Demonstration - Our instructors will introduce your target audience to the excitement of skiing and snowboarding, including advice on proper technique and conditioning for the whole family, from beginner to expert.

2. Comedy/Acrobatics - "SKI TV", a live show featuring such characters as Dudley Ski-Right and Claude Stumbler, provide good-humored fun. Freestyle, acrobatic and ballet skiing exhibitions are guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

3. Personalized Instruction - Our instructors provide your clientele with professional ski and snowboard lessons and equipment worth over $50, free! This valuable offer is a great advertising tool for promoting your event and increasing attendance. increasing attendance.